Kids Travel Bags: What You Need to Know

In the market today, there are many brands of the kids travel bags available. Parents who enjoy travelling with their kids are therefore required to select the best travel bags which are not only classy but are also appealing.

Most companies have come up with stylish bags which are large, durable, versatile, tough and kids-size. To ensure that you make the perfect choice when purchasing the best kids travel bag for your child, this article will inform you on what to look out for before making your purchase.

Is the bag kids-size?

One thing which you should consider in a kids travel bag is the size of the interior. The best bags come with a roomy interior which is capable of accommodating all your child’s accessories to avoid loss. The best bags also come with multiple interior and exterior pockets which help you to organize all your kid’s items without a hassle.

Is the bag durable?

When we talk about durability, we look at the material used to design the bag, the handles and the type of wheels. Most kids travel bags are made out of Nylon, Polyester and Cotton materials which are tough, versatile and capable of withstanding the test of time.

Most customers have over the years chosen to go for Nylon stitched bags since they’re lightweight, soft and very resistant to tearing. Others have gone for CORDURA fabric due to its quality texture and its magnificent color retention. Polyester is another quality but cheap fabric which also works well on most kids travel bags.

The best kids’ bags also come with solid telescopic and exterior lift handles which are strong and able to bear the weight being pulled and the roughness of the puller while still offering a soft feel. The wheel construction should also be perfect to offer your child an easy time when maneuvering in the airport/streets.

Is the bag light?

Due to a high customer demand, most companies are coming up with lightweight travel bags which are easy to carry and store in the plane’s overhead compartments. Look out for bags made of Nylon, Polycarbonate or Polyester fabrics as they’re among the lightest materials known.

Does the bag serve its intended purpose?

The best kids travel bags should serve their intended purpose with ease. Most bags in the market today come with adjustable handles which are able to serve both short and tall kids. They come with double handles which are well padded offering your child maximum comfortability when carrying.

Other companies have designed colorful kids travel bags which come with exclusive cartoon characters which are appealing to your kids.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the leading kids travel bags available in the market today.

Eagle Creek Luggage Flip Switch Wheeled Backpack 22

As the leading manufacturer of quality travel bags, backpacks and other accessories in the market, Eagle Creek has released the Eagle Creek Luggage Flip Switch Wheeled Backpack

Made from 100% Nylon material, this travel bag has a zipped closure, air mesh shoulder straps, a top, side and bottom padded handle as well as an adjustable pulling handle. This bag stands on 20 inch double wheels which elevate it from the ground, keeping it free from dust. It has a weight of 8 pounds and dimensions of 9×22×14 inches.

Melissa & Doug Trunki – Sunny (Orange)

Designed with the state of the art technology,Trunki: The Original Ride-On Suitcase is among the best kids travel bags available in the market. This bag allows your child to develop an eye of exploration and discovery right from the start. The Trunki has a lot of smart features which allow it to function as a bag and a toy.

Made out of a solid plastic material, this bag is capable of holding your child and giving them a perfect playing time at the airport or train station. Your child can also pull the bag and use it as a toy, while smaller kids can take advantage of the stabilizers and use them to support themselves when sitting on top.

This bag has integrated wheels, colorful design and secure carry handles which are appealing to your child.

Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage, Owl

The Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Travel Rolling Luggage Backpack is another small sized kids travel bag designed for small kids who enjoy overnight trips and carry-ons. This bag has detachable shoulder straps which are adjustable to allow even bigger kids to use the bag.

The interior is roomy enough to accommodate all your kid’s staff while the exterior zipped pocket allows your child to pack his snacks, books, colors and other smaller items with ease.  This bag has a light weight of 2.2 pounds and dimensions of 7×12.5×18 inches.


When your child travels with her own travel bag at hand, it helps them develop a sense of responsibility and belonging. It’s therefore important to choose the best kids travel bags for your children to help them understand how to manage their luggage especially when you’re in the airport or train-station.

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