The Best Leather Duffel Bag: Style, Durability and Practicality

Leather is both a durable and a stylish approach for luggage. The best leather duffel bags offer durability, style, and practicality. Choosing a leather duffel bag will get you a bag that can hold up to all your travel needs.

The Rustic Town Crazy Horse Leather Duffel Bag is one of the best leather duffel bags on the market. It offers enough room for a short trip, durable leather construction, and a reasonable price.

One of the major concerns with leather duffel bags is the price tag. Since genuine leather products run expensive, they can scare people off. The Rustic Town Crazy Horse Leather Duffel Bag is reasonably priced without sacrificing the benefits of a leather bag.

For business travel, many travelers want a bag which exudes sophistication. A leather duffel bag can do just that. They serve both a utilitarian purpose as well as a stylistic one.

Some leather duffel bags combine synthetic materials with leather to bring the price down. The best ones, however, are completely leather, making them durable for years.



While maintaining a reasonable price tag, the Rustic Town Crazy Horse Leather Duffel Bag still offers a good number of features. Its appearance is certainly a major draw, but it also functionally has a lot to offer. Some of its features include:

  • Handcrafted from 100% buffalo leather in Rajasthan, India
  • 20 inches long, 11 inches high, and 7 inches deep to fit as a carry-on
  • Brush-stroke designs on the leather
  • Flexible leather that retains durability
  • Brass buckles and buttons
  • One large compartment with two interior side pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and handle for multiple carrying options


  • The stitching and brass fittings are high quality and durable
  • The bag has plenty of room for a long weekend of short business trip
  • The zippers are all metal – in fact, there’s no plastic on the bag at all
  • The look of the bag is very professional and gender-neutral
  • The padded shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry when filled


  • The bag is very heavy, even when empty
  • There is no interior structure to the bag at all, even in the bottom
  • The shoulder strap cushion does not fit over the buckle
  • The “distressed” look of the leather can lead to it looking heavily used rather than sophisticated


Given its reasonable price point, the Rustic Town Crazy Horse Leather Duffel Bag is a great value for a leather bag. It does have some drawbacks, but nothing that makes it much less desirable ultimately.

Overall, the bag is made well and from durable materials. While most duffel bags use plastic zippers, you will not find any plastic on this bag. The brass fittings, leather, and metal zipper are made to last.

While the “distressed” look is more casual than some travelers want, the bag still looks sophisticated. Additionally, it has a great gender-neutral feel.

The bag offers tons of room for packing for a long weekend or shorter business trip, but the bag itself is pretty heavy. The weight, of course, is mainly due to the high-quality materials though.

While there is a shoulder strap cushion, it will not slide over the buckle which can be problematic. The bag does, however, have another set of handles to carry it if your shoulder is uncomfortable.

Although the bag is lacking any internal structure, its flexible build does allow you to put it in overhead airplane bins. As a carry-on bag, this lack of structure can actually be an asset.

Comparisons/Possible Alternatives:  

While the Rustic Town Crazy Horse Leather Duffel Bag is one of the best leather duffel bags available, there are some good alternatives on the market. Depending on your size requirements, your price limit, and your personal style, each speaks to a different group.

The first alternative is the Floto Roma Italian Leather Weekender Duffel Bag. It is a higher price tag than the Rustic Town option, but it also gives you a bit more room and some additional features.

While the Floto Roma duffel bag has better structure and a larger size, it does not have the interior pockets like the Rustic Town bag. If you do not need the smaller interior pockets, however, this is a great leather duffel bag.

The second alternative is the Cenzo Italian Leather Weekender Duffel Bag. At around the same size and price point as the Rustic Town bag, it offers a slightly more polished look for business travelers.

Not only does it have a slightly more polished look, but it also includes a floor-to-floor zipper, making packing easier. It does also have one interior pocket for organization, so it is a good mid-way point between the other two options.


Ultimately, the Rustic Town Crazy Horse Leather Duffel Bag is one of the best leather duffel bags you can find. At a reasonable price point, it offers all the durability, style, and room you could want.

Since it has a gender-neutral look, it appeals to both men and women. It is also perfect for both business and personal travel. Leather adds a level of sophistication that you simply cannot find in a canvass duffel bag.

Although some alternatives offer better structure, the collapsibility of the Rustic Town Crazy Horse Leather Duffel Bag is actually an asset in some instances. It can easily be placed under airplane seats or in the overhead compartment.

Since it is a distressed style, it ages well with use. While some travelers may prefer a more polished leather duffel bag, this one is still sophisticated without being too stuffy.

Overall, despite some minor drawbacks, the Rustic Town Crazy Horse Leather Duffel Bag is one of the best leather duffel bags available. It combines sophistication, durability, and practicality to create a great duffel bag.

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