Tumi Voyageur Just In Case Travel Duffel

Tumi is the leading brand of premium travel and business accessories in the world today. The company has designed some of the best products in the market which are aimed at elevating your travelling, business and leisure needs to a new level.

The Tumi Voyageur Just In Case Travel Duffel is among the leading travel bags from Tumi which have been designed with a travelling mind. Made from a nylon material, this bag is practically super lightweight, pretty and large enough to fit all your personal accessories.

Available with a zipped closure, this bag can easily be folded and packed well for the next trip. It iswhich is versatile and complements every destination you get to. The Just In Case Travel Duffel-Atlantic One Size has sleek dimensions of 2×7.5×5.9 inches inches and a light weight of 5 pounds.

Features of the Just In Case Travel Duffel Bag

  • Super lightweight – the Just In Case Travel Duffel Bag has a light weight of2 poundspounds. The manufacturer decided to design it with a light fabric to ensure that customers are able to carry more accessories without any weight issues.
  • Flexibility – this bag has been designed with a flexible nylon material which enables it to fold flat without experiencing any tear. This ensures that customers are able to pack the bag inside bigger travel bags awaiting its next task.
  • Versatility – the Just In Case Travel Duffel Bag has a zipped interior, dual handles and a logo patch which allows you to experience the best of the Tumi products.
  • 5 inch shoulder drop – this bag comes with a 7.5 inch shoulder drop which is not only stylish but also keeps you comfortable when travelling with your bag on for long distances.


  • The nylon material of this bag is easy to clean and fold when travelling.
  • The interior of the bag is large enough to accommodate all your personal accessories.
  • Most customers have praised the price of this bag stating that it’s affordable to all types of customers.
  • This bag has a strong material which is solid and waterproof.


  • Some customers have criticized the material used to design the bag stating that it’s not sturdy enough. After folding the bag, it becomes weak and unable to retain its shape.
  • Other customers have complained about the weight, stating that it’s three times heavier than most of its competitors.


Although there are a few cons which come with this product, they’re due to customer feedback and experience. The fact is that the Just In Case Travel Duffel Bag is among the best travel bags from Tumi, which is designed with a stylish, waterproof and solid fabric which is capable of withstanding rough weather conditions. This bag has gone ahead to receive a 5 star feedback from 8 verified customers in the Amazon store.


Due to some customers demand, we were able to research on other similar bags available in the market. We were able to review the Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack and the Tumi Voyageur Medium Utility Pack.

The Eagle Creek Travel Gear 2-In-1 Backpack Duffel, Black, One Size is an ultra-light travel bag which weighs less than 3 pounds. This bag pack is designed with a 100% silnylon material which is waterproof and capable of keeping your accessories safe at all times. The package comes with two other smaller bags which customers can keep their additional assets such as smart phones, car keys, wallets, lipstick and makeup. The bag has a zipped closure and sleek dimensions of 0.5×10×8 inches.


After a thorough review of three of the best travel duffel bags, the Tumi Voyageur Just In Case Travel Duffel bag was the leading in my category. This duffel bag from Tumi is among the leading travel bags for business professionals looking forward to enjoy their holidays in a unique style. With a light weight of 2 pounds and sleek dimensions of 2×7.5×5.9 inches, this bag is available in the market at an affordable price to all customers.

Second in the category, we reviewed the Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack which is a sleek bag designed from a waterproof nylon material.

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